I have my degree in Audiovisual Communication plus 6 years of varied professional experiences. I worked as a production assistant, filmmaker, editor and postproduction technician.

In the last years I worked on different projects around the world for TVE, National Geographic, UNICEF or MSF, among others.

I drove my career to the real stories, to the documentary, a genre in which I feel very comfortable working on and which I really enjoy. I am used to long working hours in countries all around the globe, in challenging conditions, which I actually love it.

On a personal level, I have tried to work on projects that contribute to make the world a better place.

In the technical section, I work easily with the entire Adobe suite, including of course Premiere and Photoshop. I have experience with numerous video and photography cameras and 360º recording devices. I have also worked as a sound technician. And I also have notions of web design.

Both in my work as an employee and in my freelance stage, I had direct contact with clients to manage projects, I participated in the meetings and contributed with my experience to the final result.

These professional experiences, as well as my studies, have allowed me to develop my main skills: initiative, work and observation skills, versatility and autonomy, and speed to adapt to new situations fulfilling the objectives set.